Shia theological beliefs organized today is to explain and interpret the religion of the Muslims after the Prophet and the government of the people, which is given by God and has features such as infallibility and justice, they are called Imam. Ali is the first Imam of the Shiites. According to Shiite belief, of the Shia religion Pnjganhast and in addition to the three monotheistic religions, prophethood and resurrection to the two principles of justice and leadership and believe. The principle of justice and the principle of shared leadership between Shiite and Mu'tazilite part of this Mzhbast. Shiite Islamic sects as well as many other bodily resurrection, and the possibilities are very stressed and although some doubts have been raised about the resurrection is spiritual, but it is always the Shia and Sunni scholars such as Shaykh al-Tusi, Khwaja Nasir al-Din Tusi and Imam Mohammad Ghazali answered and the resurrection of the body is stressed, as far as Ibn Sina with the physical and spiritual resurrection in Dvsvrt conceivable knows, but says Maadi been quoted in religion, but a way to prove it is through religion and acknowledge News Messenger . It Madyst the body [18] However, centuries after his Shirazi sadrolmote'allehin overcome to prove it. In fact, this need for religion, belief in the physical resurrection is not a resurrection Vtbyy material.

Shiites also book the Koran and they all claim to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah are reserved, and to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, Islam and the Shia order to determine the successor of the Prophet of God only knows Allah and the Prophet.
Belief in the advent or return of the Savior (Savior), and promised in most Islamic sects and other religions as well as clear and incontrovertible ones, as Jews and Christians look forward to the return of Jesus Bnyasrayyland King believed in Zoroastrian beliefs, Buddhism and other religions. The same species can also be found belief in Islamic sects, especially Shiites difference in the centuries after Islam, the belief was widespread and evident. Kysanyh vertical Mohammad Ali ibn Abi Talib know Hanafiyah other children, the eldest son of Jafar ibn Mohammad Sadiq Ismail Ismaili vertical well know. But the Shia believe duodenal, the savior of the Apocalypse of Muhammad and his deputy Mohammed Al Mahdi called and said he was the last of the Twelfth Imam of the Shiites, Mahdi bin Hassan Askari.
Some of the dead are believed to return means to live in this world and in the appearance of the Mahdi, the other Shyhast beliefs, some Shiite clerics, a throwback to the needs of the Shia do not know, but neither intellectual and traditional reasons and because the Koran does not deny it. While some religions and Islamic sects species back to life after death in many forms, such as the return of the soul in the body or in the form of reincarnation or transmigration believe, but especially the Shiite view in return, one of the largest Shiite differences with others, This means that the Shia not only a deep belief in bodily resurrection, but that at the end of normal time and after the advent of Muhammad, some prophets such as Jesus and the saints of God, such as Malek and some Shiite leaders as well as some Ashqya’ and the return periods wicked man, returning to the world. So in the end, good governance in the world and the wicked will be punished.

Shiite symptoms
In a hadith narrated by al-Askari, "clue believer (Shiite) five things: 1. 51 Rkt (a day), reading (17 and 34 postures obligatory and supererogatory recommended daily postures), 2-visit the Imam Hussein in the fortieth day, 3-ring on the right hand, forehead 4. In the Sermon on the inter, 5. Name of God [in prayer] long to say. "
Another apparent signs testify to the province and the Shiite caliphate immediate Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Imams after him in prayer (with the Upper Valiollah I bear it or the like) is, that the witness is called tertiary. The testimony of Ali ibn Abi Talib in the province as a recommendation and the consecration prayer is said and prayer is a key element. Although at this time the martyrdom of Ali bin Abi Talib to the provincial motto is Shiite, but some believe the word should be said that clerics like prayer and action not words.

Shiite supremacy over other religions to "right" is, and the religion of truth in every period of only one religion. God in every moment and every religion has a law other than that or of the falsehood and lies, or obsolete and extinct.
new religion and all it is necessary to follow the new religion and to believe. That is why the scriptures and religious texts, from those who will not believe the new religion, as "infidels" remembered.
Islam is the final and most complete religion but Islam is a religion of human and God will not be sent. "The God-Din al-Islam", no doubt, faith in the God of Islam. "And I'm Yqbl flange Dina Ybtgh non-Islam"; everyone choose his faith other than Islam will be accepted.
Unfortunately, Muslim religions as well as relatives and past owners of various religions were dispersed and certainly not all of them right at the same time, the Prophet said: "The nation next Stfrq Ali Salas and Sbyn sect, sect minus Najyh, and Asntan and Sbvn Fire fi "My followers will be divided after my seventy-three sects, only one survived and the other seventy-two sects will be from the fire. Najia tricks and sectarian religion among the Islamic sects Esna-Ashari Shia and Shia, Islam is true and real. Prophet said: "Clamping Forex Eni Fykm we leave it to Len Akhztm Tzlva, the Book of God and the infallible Imams from bit", people! I entrusted the next promises you something that if you do get it will not go astray, the Book of Allah and my Trt, ie from Bytm.
Abuzar Ghaffari and Jalil Al-Kadar reliable companion of the Prophet (pbuh) is quoted: "Smt Nabi (PBUH) home fireproof, except that such people Fykm bit like Noah Safeenatun-Fi Qvmh, I Rkbha Njy and I Nha violation sinks"; Understand: I Prophet heard that said, I like the bits you like for Noah's ark, each sits on the ship will be saved and that the violation will be overwhelmed.
The basis of the Shia religion, monotheism and justice, prophecy and the imamate, and resurrection, and the Shiite leadership attaches to the twelve Imams (AS) as the successor of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that their first Imam Ali (as) and their last Mahdi ( aj).
In the tradition of the Prophet imposed on the number and names of the twelve Imams (AS) has said. Once Abdullah bin Mas'ud was sitting among a crowd that was found Arabic desert and asked them which one you're Abdullah bin Masood? Abdullah replied me. Arab said, pushing me later Ykvn Hdskm low Nbykm Alkhlfa’? A: abundance, Asnashr number Nqba’ Israel. Are you the Prophet, a number of his successors after you said? - Yes, twelve, the number of Israelites Naqib.
We legitimacy because Shiism is the Koran, God has ordered us to God and the Prophet and former Governors said that the Prophet (pbuh) and the imams to follow. In many verses of the Qur'an Moral Virtues is discussed. Verses such as: "And Anzr Shyrtk Alaqrbyn", "enema Vlykm Messenger of Allah and Almvmnvn Alzyn Yqymvn Alslah and jötunn Rakvn Alzkvh and", "or the amount of our Rasul Forex Anzali click Rbk and the trick I Fma Tfl Blght Rsalth", "Youm Akmlt Lkm Dynkm and Atmmt Alaikum blessing and Rzyt Lkm Dina al-Islam, "" enema ringing God Lyzhb Nkm Alrjs Ahl al-Bayt ", and so on.
The Prophet also emphasized the history and traditions always Ali (AS) as his successor and the successor to remember, he said, as quoted by Tabari in its history that when the verse "and Anzr Shyrtk Alaqrbyn" was revealed to the Prophet relatives said God ordered me to invite you to Him, so any of you help me in this matter will be my brother, executor and successor, Ali (AS) said: O Messenger of Allah I In this way, I will help you, hand on the neck of the prophet Ali looked and said: Verily this (Ali) brother and executor and my successor among you, hear him and be obedient to him. Relatives of the Prophet while Abu laughed mockingly up and said he ordered you to be submissive and obedient son to be his.
Prophet in the last years of his life, was in the back of pilgrimage known as the Farewell Pilgrimage, in the Ghadir official Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) as Imam Muslim ruler appointed and introduced him to all those ordered Ali known as Hazrat Ali homage and a statement that day said: "I Mvlah Kent Fhza Ali Mvlah" Everyone I Avym Zaim and ruler Ali (AS) as Molly and her ruler. The tradition of famous and successive traditions of Islam.
It was a brief reason for Shiite supremacy and legitimacy in the eyes of other religions and religious citing Quranic verses and hadiths.
But on Wahhabism is enough to Seyed Mostafa Razavi written in the book "Pakistan's political and religious information" satisfied that the Wahhabis, all Islamic sects of Sunnis and Shiites as infidels and polytheists and idolaters count, and respect for nature and pilgrimage and bow tombs of the Prophet and the Imams considered a heresy and idolatry and forbidden know. They salute and honor and respect for the Prophet is not permissible except in prayer, and the end of her earthly life, an end to celebrate and honor to know prohibited.
Leave your common sense judgment as to whether these doctrines can be consistent with the nature and the Quran. Is this the kind of household that have been paid and the Quran Nfrmvdh mission considered that the martyrs are alive and in the sight of God once again and the position of the Prophet (PBUH) is less than the martyrs?

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